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About us


AptiStock was developed by the software development team that specializes in the development of stock market analysis software in AptiStock.

AptiStock is a privately owned software development company established in 2004, AptiStock specializes in producing excellent software applications for businesses and individuals. Our strategy of software development could be defined by the following 3C:

Competitive, Constructive and Convenience.

Our mission

Presently all stock market analysis software available in the market are all overly very costly and complex. This make us feel like to provide something which is price competitive and easy to use.

Our goal is to help as many investors and traders as possible. This is the main reason why we provide the free copy of AptiStock. We hope this free copy of AptiStock can assist you to succeed in the stock market and make a tremendous growth of wealth with it.


Note:The information provided by this service and the relevant software is purely factual information and based on historical financial data. It should not be acted upon as investment advice.You should obtain independent investment advice before making any investment decisions relying on the information provided in this website. Please read our disclaimer & warning carefully.
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